Team Event 

The Team Event will start on Thursday morning.

The team event will be played in two stages. In the first stage all 8 teams will play in 2 sub-groups. Each team will play against all other teams in their sub-group. 

In the second stage the two first ranked team will play the final, the second ranked teams will go for 3rd and 4th place, teams at 3rd will fight for position 5/6 and the two fourth placed will fight for position 7/8.

Each team match consists of 1 mixed doubles, 2 boys' singles, 2 girls' singles, 2 boys' doubles, 2 girls' doubles. 

No player is allowed to play within a team match in more than two matches or twice in the same discipline.

Link to the League Planner: 8 Nations Team Event


Group 1     Group 2  
Denmark   England
Sweden   France
Germany   Belgium
Netherlands   Switzerland


Order of Play

  Group 1   Group 2  
1st round DEN v. NED SWE v. GER ENG v. SUI FRA v. BEL
2nd round DEN v. GER SWE v. NED ENG v. BEL FRA v. SUI
3rd round DEN v. SWE GER v. NED ENG v. FRA BEL v. SUI