Programm 2016:                                
  Wednesday 2/11   Arrival of the nations  
    17-20:00h Practise session  
    21:00h Team Managers' Briefing  
  Thursday 3/11 09:00h Opening Ceremony, Start Team-Event  
  Friday 4/11 09:30h Team-Event Finals  
    14:30 Start of the individual tournament  
  Saturday 5/11 09:00h Individual Tournament - Player's Dinner Party  
    21:00h Officials meeting  
  Sunday 6/11 09:00h All Semi Finals and Finals  
    14:00h End of this Event  



We are offering three hotels in St. Gallen:

NewStar Hotel Hotel One66  
Breitfeldstrasse 9 | CH-9015 St. Gallen Alte Bildstrasse 6 | CH-9015 St. Gallen  
Hotel Garni Rössli    
Romanshornerstrasse 10 | CH-9300 Wittenbach     


All three hotels are close together in St. Gallen City - please contact us if you need further help in finding an accommodation.



For the shuttle service we are going to use public transportation - every team will get their tickets according their number of person in the team.

Please use the public transportation going to the venue and back to the hotel. Take bus no. 7 (St. Gallen, Neudorf) and exit at the station "Singenberg". From there you can walk 3 min to the venue.



Going back to the hotel take bus no. 7 (Abtwil SG, St. Josefen) and exit at station "Russen" or "Altenwegen". 

Please show your ticket (voucher) in the bus when asked for!



Drinks and snacks will be available throughout the competition in the competition hall. All teams will be given "snack cards" on their arrival to pay their bills. At the end of the event the totals of the cards will be calculated and debited to the teams.

Hot Meals:

Hot meals will be served at lunch time (11:00 to 15:00) and diner (18:00 to 21:00h) in an near by canteen. The price is EUR 12 per meal and person. 

Player's Dinner / Party:

Saturday 5.11.2016 night, we will do a players dinner and party - we need to know the number of person who will attend this evening.



Courts in the main hall Athletik Zentrum St. Gallen will be available for practising sessions starting Wednesday 2/11 late afternoon in 3 different time slots:

17:00 - 18:00 h 18:00 - 19:00 h 19:00 - 20:00 h
Nation Nation Nation
Nation Nation Nation
Nation Nation Nation


Players' Dinner / Party

Saturday evening, all teams are invited to attend the players dinner. This event will start at 19:30h at the Restaurant Adler in St. Georgen. The dinner is sponsored by swiss badminton the host country. 

Please use the public transportation to go to the dinner party at the Restaurant Adler.
Your hotel to Restaurant Adler: from the bus station "Russen"  take the bus no. 151 (St. Gallen, Bahnhof) or no. 7 (St. Gallen, Neudorf) - exit at the station "St. Gallen Bahnhof" - change the bus and take the bus no. 2 (St. Georgen, Bach) and exit at at the station "St. Georgen, Kirche". The restaurant Adler is directly opposite of this station.

Back to the hotels

Take bus no. 2 (St. Gallen, Hinterberg) or no. 8 (St. Gallen, Wendeplatz Stocken) and exit at station "St. Gallen, Bahnhof" - change the bus, take bus no. 151 (Gossau SG, Bahnhof) or no. 7 (Abtwil SG, St. Josefen) and exit at station "Russen".